Brove.NET Document Management Software

Business is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 22000 etc. registration documents to be used in accordance with the standards of almost all computing environment, provides storage and reporting by monitoring.

In this context, Directors delegate lighter workload, the system becomes more efficient and functional.

Distribution network or over the Internet without these documents, or print out the fax / modem allows sending.

These and other reasons, the Management Representative at your CPM time to 80% of all employees and records kept by means of software, storage, delivery and so on. If for reasons of stationery saves 80% of the payment.

Increased the habit of keeping your business records, data stored in one place, safe and provided.

Automatic backups to be taken every 24 hours, Document Management Software can be accessed over the internet because of the constant access to your records, without being tied to a specific location and tracking system is provided.

Document Management Software, employees in the event of persistent repetition of the records has already been registered in order to prevent the loss of time associated with one of the documents, data or a re-recording of the data in the block,

For example, for the process of purchasing supplies / services listed by employee requesting a quote or ordering goods or services is automatically placed in the form of, or in advance so that you do not have to retype the same items at specific points on offer, with any changes you make to create a new offer.

!!! Important!!!

I Document Management Software is a document browser, and experience the full meaning of the documents prepared by the ISO standards that are demanded by a program, not a document that in the later additions. Register to see in the programming language that can be created with sweet demo areas and is a part of our software.

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